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Dove (I'll Be Loving You).
MTV DanceFloor Chart.

Чарт от02.08.2002
ПесняDove (I'll Be Loving You)
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Официальный сайт: www.moony.it

Moony - восходящая европейская звезда итальянского происхождения, чьё настоящее имя Monica Bragato, чей послужной список насчитывает более 10-ти лет работы в танцевальной индустрии, чьё сотрудничество со многими известными дэнс-деятелями подарило миру множество отличных треков, включая композиции "Positive" и "Batucada", записанные вместе с Кристиано Спиллером - он же "Spiller" и её прорыв в карьере - совместный с продюсерами по имени Diego Broggio и Alfred Azzetto из "DB Boulevard" супер-хит "Point of View", за которым последовал мощнейший дебютный соло-релиз - "Dove (I'll Be Lovin' You)"!  
Она выросла на музыке Стиви Уандера и Джорджа Бэнсона, обожает слушать Kylie Minogue, "Coldplay" и Кристину Агилеру, и по-прежнему искренне верит в dance и house! Она сама написала большинство композиций для своего дебютного альбома "Life Stories", включающего 14 треков, и старается максимально участвовать во всём, что связано с её карьерой! Её новый хит посвящён взаимоотношениям между людьми, которые певица представляет себе в виде балансирующих акробатов, напоминающих ей Инь и Янь. Она рассказала мне, что во многом основывалась на собственном опыте - отношениях со своей сестрой-близнецом, где есть и конфликты, и любовь!  
Real Name: Monica Bragato  
In Groups: Angelmoon, DB Boulevard  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CDE (Enhanced CD)) Positiva 2001  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (2x12") Warner Music UK Ltd. 2002  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (12") Airplane! Records 2002  
Dove (2x12") EMI Records (UK) 2002  
Dove (12") Positiva 2002  
Dove (12") Absolute Sound 2002  
Dove (CD5") CGD East West 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (12") Positiva 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CD5") EMI Electrola GmbH 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (12") Antler-Subway 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (12") Positiva 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CD5") Antler-Subway 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (12") Blanco Y Negro (Spain) 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CD5") Positiva 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CD5") EMI Music (Australia) 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (CD5") Blanco Y Negro (Spain) 2002  
Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (The Phil Fuldner Treatment) (12") EMI Electrola GmbH 2002  
Dove (Promo) (2x12") Positiva 2002  
Life Stories (Promo) (CD) WEA International, Inc. 2002  
Acrobats (12") WEA International, Inc. 2003  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (12") Frenetic 2003  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (CD5") WEA International, Inc. 2003  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (Promo) (2x12") Warner Music UK Ltd. 2003  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (Promo) (CD5") WEA International, Inc. 2003  
Acrobats (Looking For Balance) (Remixes) (12") WEA Records (Germany) 2003  
Flying Away (2x12") Airplane! Records 2003  
Lifestories (CD) Wagram 2003  
This Is Your Life (CD5") Warner Music (Italy) 2003  
For Your Love (Part 1) (12") Airplane! Records 2006 



2003-04-02 16:35:41
Moony - Top Of The Pops Interview 2003:
Venician warbler Moony tells the Pops all about her taste in Chrises and the best time to bare your bottom...
TOTP: So, who are these acrobats you're singing about?
Moony: The acrobats are me and my twin sister. I was trying to explain how special the relationship is between twins. In particular between me and my sister. The image I have when I think of her is an acrobat. There's lots of love and passion and I'm very attached to her. Sometimes it's very difficult, you have the same age and same friends and you argue and fight a lot and yet we're completely different. I think we're like yin and yang. It's like being one human being divided in two [laughs].
TOTP: Er, OK, how come there was such a big gap between releasing 'Dove' and this song?
Moony: We've been very busy with 'Dove' and we took some time to choose the right single. The first single 'Another Point Of View' was a complete dance track. 'Dove' was a mix of dance and pop. We had to decide to choose a single that was more pop. The album is coming out and it's more pop than dance and you have to give people time to adjust and realise the evolution of the music. So we chose 'Acrobats'.
TOTP: Are you moving away from dance?
Moony: I'm not moving away. I actually think that dance is still strong and I love dance and house. I've been doing that for almost ten years. But now the album is done we have 14 songs I can't say it's dance and house. There are influences of dance and house but there are ballads, lounge music and those songs I call shiny songs, the ones you can listen to in summer with your car top down and shout "Yeah! I'm happy to live!" I call it the new pop. Kylie for example is the new pop. The trend is to do pop with a mixture of different sounds.
TOTP: Do you find your songs as infectious as everybody else?
Moony: Actually yes. But it's difficult for a singer. First I write it down and work on it for a long time. Then you have to sing and then you have to promote it. So I hear my songs a lot and it's easy to get tired of that. But I'm happy because that doesn't happen often with my songs. I'm happy with what I have done.
TOTP: What do you think us Brits like about you?
Moony: The British have been in love with pop for a long time. It has its own sound and characteristics. My music has been influenced by many UK sounds. I really like electro and new romance stuff... the synths and orchestras. So maybe people can recognise something that they like in my music.
TOTP: Who are your influences?
Moony: I think you have to listen to a lot of different music. My favourite is Stevie Wonder. I like George Benson, Kylie, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera. I think the music scene is growing in terms of quality. I'm very happy about that.
TOTP: 'Life Stories' is the album... are the stories about you?
Moony: The album is called 'Life Stories' because every song has a little part of me inside. Maybe a thought, or a state of mind or a way of being. It's hard to write down music and lyrics if you're not ready to share with the rest of the world. The music you espress is part of your soul and you have to be ready for that. That's why it's called 'Life Stories'.




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