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Heavens On Fire (Spanish Fly Radio Edit).
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Чарт от30.11.2006
МестоOn-line Bonus
ПесняHeavens On Fire (Spanish Fly Radio Edit)
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Официальный сайт: www.luke.dk

Luke are Tanja Thulau, Jens Bjørnkjær, Bastian Sjelberg and Nikolaj Grandjean.  
The members of Luke have been going steady for about 6 years. Tanja and Nikolaj goes further back. Nikolaj have been writing songs forever and Tanja have been singing many of them throughout the past 12 years. Jens and Bastian have known each other since their early youth as well.  
Luke still maintain the ambition to remain a collective in the creative process. Recording we basically stick to our primary instruments though. Nikolaj usually writes the song. However everything is goes.  
In 2005 we had to part from our friend and long time drummer Mikkel Hess. He found he had to get his priorities organized differently. We wish him all the luck in the world.  
In the live setup Tanja is the singer, Jens plays keyboards, Bastian plays bass and Nikolaj plays guitar and sings. This year we welcome to our live setup, drummer Janus Nevel, backing singer Donna Dalhoff and percussionist Jens Jones.  
Oh yes. Once again it is the proclaimed objective of Luke, to move the concept of pop music, out where it surprises and astonishes, to be curious and explore the universe. We want to play. Still seek to have much fun creating. We want to contribute, donate to the world our means and ways throughout our passions for music. This way we speak our voices and call out from the bottom of our hearts. In the name of life and love and lust. We’re happy to be here and we welcome you, thank you for joining us. For we believe this is momentous, that inside here, and there are greatness. To see and feel and practice.  
Since we didn’t want to spend years in fragment recording this time, we decided to leave town to record the next album. Staying home would mean distractions and obligations and it was really not a tough decision to make. February 2004 we went to spend 3 month in Brazil. On a steep mountainside In Barra de Guaratiba, a small town south of Rio de Janeiro, we rented a house with quite poor studio facilities put mildly and a stunning view. We went with our girlfriends and children and lived close together 24/7. Indeed an elevating and awakening experience.  
For recording we brought laptops and a few basic instruments. We had to rent the additional stuff necessary at a local place; whatever drums, amps, keyboard etc. they had? That somehow got to define the basic sound of the album. First song we recorded was ‘Nightingales’. We returned to Copenhagen with about 20 rough tracks and high hopes. It sounded smashing. However some final work needed to be done; most vocals, strings, horns etc. Once again we enjoyed the skills of members of the Royal Danish Philharmonic. ‘I Love You’ we made from scratch at Superstar.  
We really love this album. We’ve never been better. We never made an album this solid. We hope you will enjoy it. It is a 100% organic feast. Smell it. Chew it. Digest it. Rest. Sleep. Awake. Pass it on. Nourish it. We do. Live United Keep Eating.  
Previous released albums:  
‘Luke’ (Superstar Records/Playground - 2003)  
On our debut album ‘Luke’, you find an exquisite fusion of bossanova, trip hop, rock, reggae, lounge and electronica. In the facilities of Superstar Records, located in the heart of Copenhagen Denmark, we worked throughout many years to make that album. We meant to ‘Left to Right’ and Heaven’s on Fire’ made great singles on Danish radio and we were nominated best Danish newcomer at the official Danish Music Awards 2003. We went to play live on many different scenes all over Denmark in front of enthusiastic audiences. That was cool.  
‘Nurse And Amaze’ (Music for dreams/VME - 2005)  
January 2005 we released the album ‘Nurse and Amaze’ on the label Music For Dreams (MFD), founded by Danish DJ Kenneth Bager, for worldwide distribution. This album contains 7 songs from the debut, rearranged by Kenneth, and two new, written especially to fit this album and the spirit of MFD. Danish radio loved ‘Whatever You Want’ and many songs went on compilations.  
Videos, media, press photos, bios & more here: www.luke.dk 



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