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True Faith (Doug Laurent Radio Edit).
MTV DanceFloor Chart.

Чарт от02.07.2004
МестоМайский трек
ПесняTrue Faith (Doug Laurent Radio Edit)
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Официальный сайт: http://www.kenneonline.com/

Kenne, pronounced "Kenny", is a native of Brooklyn, New York, currently residing in South Florida.  
Born to a Japanese father and an American mother, Kenne knew from an early age that he wanted to be a performer. As a child, and later as a teenager, it was Kenne's love of performing that landed him acting and singing roles on Off- Broadway and in regional theatre productions, national tours of Broadway hits, feature films (both studio and indie projects), TV commercials, jingles and print ads.  
Now an adult, Kenne has decided to focus his attention to his first loves: Singing and songwriting.  
It was through an unsolicited demo tape that Kenne first caught the attention of Frankfurt, Germany-based dance music producer, Doug Laurent, who has received critical acclaim for producing and remixing international dance acts, such as Culture Beat, La Bouche, Tina Harris of Sweetbox, and Sash!  
Kenne has written several songs with Doug Laurent, including the underground club hit, "You Can Dance" which was released in early 2002. The song charted at #3 on the Flamingo Record Pool Charts, and reached top 10 on the Long Island Record Pool Chart. In addition, "You Can Dance" appeared on several compilation discs throughout Europe and Asia, and was licensed to DMX music where it was featured in over 100 Abercrombie & Fitch retail stores nationwide.  
In a further honing of his songwriting skills, Kenne has also co-written and recorded the song, "Touched By Love", along with three other tracks with former PWL (London) staff producer extraordinaire, Phil Harding. (Harding has produced songs in the past for Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue and East 17). These songs will either appear on Kenne's debut album or be pitched to other artists.  
Other previous projects included Kenne's hit cover version of New Order's "True Faith" as well as his own original composition, entitled, "This Is Your Night." Kenne's cover of "True Faith" enjoyed club and radio success in the U.K. and in the US, the song was added to C89.5 FM in Seattle on regular rotation, as well as the Dance Channel on DMX Music. Both songs continue to get recurrent airplay on various mix shows throughout the USA.  
Future projects for Kenne include the release of his fourth single entitled "EVERYBODY HAPPY" and a new music video for the song. The new single was written once again by Kenne and Doug Laurent, and features mixes by world renowned remix artists such as DOUG LAURENT, ROC PROJECT's own RAY ROC, NYC legendary DJ/Producer/Remixer, JONATHAN PETERS, as well as the SHARP BOYS and ALMIGHTY from the United Kingdom.  
Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for this exciting new talent! 




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